Home Decor: Aesthetic + Inspiration


I’m the first to admit that I’m WAY too excited about the thought of graduating in 9 months, breaking away from on-campus housing, and finally having my own house! I’ve already started the home decor collecting process and here’s some tips for those of you that are in the same boat or are redecorating, moving, or looking to spice up your current setup.

Find your aesthetic.
For those of you who are as instagram obsessed as I am, you’re all very familiar with this word and its importance in the design realm. What colors comfort you and draw your eye? What’s your style: boho, classic + clean, girly chic, or traditional? If you don’t know your desired aesthetic, you can discover it by stepping back and taking a look at your instagram feed, the pictures you like, and your pins on pinterest. For example, I would describe my desired home aesthetic as clean, minimalist boho with a play on texture.

Plan your space.
I’m a firm believer in using pinterest to plan every aspect of your life. Not only is it a fantastic creative outlet, but it’s ridiculously fun. Make a home inspiration board on your account and start pinning away decor that catches your eye. You can often click on those photos and be redirected to sites that sell those exact items.

Discover where to shop.
My personal favorite places to shop for home decor are TJ MAXX, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Target. These stores supply decor for all tastes and styles and it may be a good idea to stop by a few home decor places to take a look around for ideas and inspiration. Random small boutiques in your hometown could be a great place to find one-of-a-kind items to insure no one has a space quite like yours. Yard sales and flea markets are always great to attend and look around for that special “diamond in the rough” that you can refurbish and turn into a fun DIY project.

*All the items in this photo were purchased from Hobby Lobby. The rug is from Kohl’s.

Be sure to follow my HOME pinterest board for inspiration!