West Palm Beach | Travel Diary Video

We made a video?! (watch in HD!)

As you know, I post what I’m doing on my blog all the time… and I thought it would be fun to start incorporating video on some things — especially when we travel!

Here are a few clips I put together from our trip last week to West Palm Beach! This was Justin and I’s first trip together so we thought it would be special to document it. This is our first try at filming a travel diary video (or any video really) and we had a lot of fun with it! I’m excited that we found something new that we both like doing. It’s a learning experience for sure! I’m happy with how it turned out considering we’re very new at this. 🙂 I wouldn’t consider this a professional quality video, but it’ll be fun to look back on to remember our trip. I hope you enjoy seeing some of what we did!

Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment here or on Youtube to let me know what you think of our first little video!

***If you’re not sure how to watch it in HD, click the gear button on the video, click “quality,” and then choose 720p HD.