My Love Story


These “love story” posts are one of my favorites to read, so I figured I would do my own! Putting love into words is a weird thing, but I’m going to do my best to tell our story in its truest and realist form.

Our story begins in the spring of 2013. Justin and I met in August of 2012 at the new student “Welcome Bash” our freshman year at Franklin College. We became integrated in the same friend group and slowly began spending many weekends together, along with the rest of our friends.

Suddenly, or so it seemed to me, his feelings for me grew from a friendship to something more that spring. He pursued me for a couple months, but I kept pushing back — or so I thought I was — slowly letting him in more and more all the while. I wasn’t open to love at first. It was new to me and I was timid. I told myself the right person would eventually come along and break down those barriers and make me forget they ever existed.

I subconsciously wanted to be chased, and he was damn good at it. And I love him for it.

His persistence is now something that I admire so much about him. When he gets his mind set on something he wants, he gives it everything he has and doesn’t give up. He’s never afraid to pursue something, even if it seems out of reach. I admire that drive and determination in him more than words can express.

Our relationship fizzled in and out for about 6 months, but looking back I realize that I never truly stopped caring for him. We were just on separate paths. We wanted different things at different times, but we soon came to the realization that we kept coming back to each other. We had a chemistry that was undeniable and un-ignorable. I finally accepted that I could never be just friends with him again — it was too difficult. It seemed we either had to be together romantically, or not be in each other’s lives at all. We finally decided to give it a go, for real this time, with everything we had in February of 2014.

We’ve been inseparable and arguably crazy in love ever since.


I can’t tell you the exact moment I knew I was in love with him, but we both fell pretty quickly. However, I remember the first I love you like it was yesterday.

To put it simply, we just click. We get each other. We are so incredibly similar and so beautifully different at the same time, creating the perfect balance.

Our love is laying in bed together on Sunday mornings and running last minute errands at midnight. It’s going to get pancakes at 3 p.m. just because they sound good and holding each other while talking about our days. It’s joking around, sending funny pictures and popping each other’s backs. It’s sharing our thoughts and discussing our dreams and worries.


I find a sense of comfort in him that I’ve never found in anyone else. Home is truly wherever I am with him. I would rather do nothing all day with him than do something exciting with anyone else. No one else makes me laugh harder or smile bigger. I’m so incredibly happy to have found someone that makes love and partnership so effortless.

His dedication has been unending. Whether it’s driving two hours to visit me at my parents’ house, running to the store to pick up my medicine when I’m sick, or rubbing my back and consoling me after a stressful day, he’s always there.

As arguably cliche as it is, I fall in love with him more and more everyday. I get just as excitedly anxious to see him after hours apart as I do weeks apart from him. With us it’s easy, and there’s no one else I’d rather do life with.


You never know who you’re going to fall in love with, and never did I ever think I would fall in love with one of my best friends — but I’m so insanely grateful every single day that I did.

I can’t wait to see where life takes us.