Let’s Talk: How to Know it’s Time to Make a Change

Let's Talk: How to Know it's Time to Make a Change

Feeling uninspired, and lacking passion and happiness within your daily activities? In short, these are all signs that it’s time to make a change or move on from what is no longer serving you. If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, what can be done to change that? Today I’m talking about these signs and what to do to turn the draining aspects of your life into ones that fuel you.

This has been a topic that’s been on my mind lately that I wanted to discuss, because it’s sometimes hard to recognize that you’re in a rut until you start to make changes. I’m guilty of feeling stuck in a pattern of “this is the way things have to be,” and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are a few of my tips for determining if it’s time to make a change and how to approach it in a manner that makes you happier overall afterward.

Assess the situation: who/what/when/where/why is making you feel this way?
Reflection can be difficult, but accessing your surroundings and the way you feel about each will help you determine which areas of your life may need some altering. Do you love your personal life, but aren’t 100% content with your professional life, or vice versa? Is this emotion rooted from your environment, someone you know, a particular circumstance or solely within yourself? Evaluate this to determine which area of your life needs changed.

What changes are you afraid to make, or feel like you can’t make?
Pinpoint why you feel like you need to make a change, and why you may be timid to do so. Money? Uncertainty? Scared of the unknown? Write these reasons down and determine why you feel this way about each — are these emotions justified? Consult the people who are closest to you, but always put your own feelings first. It’s your life and your happiness, not their’s — but they may be able to reassure you on things you’ve already determined.

Screw timing.
To be blunt, it’s never going to be a “good time” to make a change. Like most of you, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way too many times, and I’m finally learning that ripping the band-aid off is something you have to do at some point — so why not now? If making a change will get you one step closer to your “dream life,” one that makes you happier and exciting to wake up every day, why wouldn’t you? It would be silly not to, right?

Take your own advice.
If you would tell a friend to make a change if they were in the same situation as you, why wouldn’t you take your own advice? Try to look at your life from an outside perspective, with your emotions considered, and do what makes sense for you and your happiness. Don’t limit yourself, because chances are you have more options than you think you do. I can confirm that you will have to take risks to get what you want.

What struggles do you face when making changes? What helps you clear your head and make the best decision for yourself when you’re in a rut? Let’s talk in the comments below! Thank you for reading — let’s finish out the week strong!

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      Thank you so much — I’m glad this resonated with you! Believe it or not, I’ve been needing to hear this too.