Let’s Talk: College Relationships


Yes ladies and gents, I'm addressing the mess of dating and relationships in college — the unending indecisiveness, the need for endless options, and fear/lack of commitment that seems to be in today's millennial generation. This is a new series I'm starting on my blog where I'll open up discussion about a particular topic and share my thoughts on it: so let's get into it!

Here are some of my personal tips and a look at college relationships from my perspective.

Always make time for each other. College is a time of crazy schedules, overflowing to-do lists, and often times excessive amounts of stress, but it's so important to set aside time to be with your partner. Every little bit of time counts, even if it's just grabbing lunch or studying together. Naturally, your partner should become a part of your schedule when you're both equally invested in each other and building a lasting relationship.

Open communication is key. If you're feeling something, talk about it. Transparency is so important when developing a strong connection with someone. Voice how you feel and what you're thinking, more than just via text message. We live in a generation that is obsessed with labels, and labeling your relationship isn't necessarily the end-all be-all — the crucial part is that both you and your partner communicate where you stand and you're both on the same page at all times. If anything changes on either end, make it known and adjust accordingly.

Be fair to your partner. If you're having doubts about your relationship or you feel that things are moving too fast, let them know. Life is short and no one wants to waste time investing in someone who doesn't feel the same way about them. Be honest and fair to your partner by letting them know what you're thinking and where you stand. They will respect you so much more if you express these feelings to them before acting on them.

Keep your relationship between the two of you. In the age of social media and oversharing, it's so easy for other people to get too involved in your relationship. Always remember that a relationship is between two people (usually, that is...) and some things are meant to remain private. 

As for sharing, if you want to post a picture of the flowers he/she got you on Instagram or share a cute moment that you want to remember on Twitter, that is more than okay. Post what you're passionate about (which I hope is your partner!) and what makes you happy (this goes for more than just relationships). Issues set in with this when you're posting these things solely for other people — for their approval or to spark intrigue, jealousy, etc. Always post for yourself, from a place of sincerity and genuineness.

Extra tip: Subtweeting... just don't. 

You are on the same team. I live by this and solid, healthy relationships thrive on it. If a future together is something you're both working toward, always remember that you're moving forward for the same end goal. Whenever little rifts arise, know that a solution is much more important than being right or "winning" the argument. You and your partner are one, collaborative entity and always remember that your goals are shared and their happiness is just as important as yours. Always.


What are your thoughts on relationships in college? As always, all opinions are own and I'm certainly not a relationship expert. I'd love to hear your experiences! Now that I've graduated and have had the full college experience from beginning to end, let me know if there are any other college-related posts you would like to see!