Blogging Misconceptions

blogging misconceptions

Hi friends! After being in the blogging community for a couple years, I’ve become aware of some common blogging misconceptions viewed by those outside the industry. What’s the purpose of blogging? Are they just in it for the free stuff? What makes them think their life is interesting enough to follow along with? You name it, me or another blogger has heard it. Keep reading for answers to the most common blogging misconceptions out there.

Blogging MisconceptionsTo clarify, these aren’t opinions that everyone has, but are some common misinterpretations and comments I’ve personally been asked/told or have heard of others experiencing. Here’s an inside look at what blogging really is.

ONE — We’re in it for the money, “fame” and free stuff.

No, no and no. I’d be lying if I said this one doesn’t make me chuckle — especially the “fame” part. Although some people are in it for the gold (and it’s so obvious when that’s the case), a majority of us are not. Some decide to start a blog solely because they see bloggers getting free stuff and want to join in on it, which is so not what the industry is about and I hate how these things can become associated with all of us. Like most of us, I’ve always been a writer, sharer, fashion lover and creative, so it’s much more organic than it may seem.

TWO — We think we know more than everyone else.

I’ve heard this one a few times, which surprised me. People who don’t understand blogging may think it’s a method of showing everyone on the internet that we think we know more than them and we see ourselves as superior, but it’s incredibly untrue. Some even view blogging as conceded and I’ve personally had someone tell me, who didn’t know I had a blog when they said this, that they find blogging to be self righteous. Ouch — no! A blog serves as an online memory book, a creative outlet, a method of connecting with and relating to others, and so much more. It’s a platform for bloggers to connect with people who loves blogs. No one is on a pedestal here.

THREE — We blog because we think everyone should care about our “cool” life.

“What makes you think we care about your average life? What makes you think you’re so special?” Harsh, right? Most bloggers, at least the wholesome ones, start blogging for themselves. Bloggers don’t put their lives online to try to make themselves be popular and have other people interested in them, but to relate to others and use it as a form of self expression — like a journal. Anyone can have a blog and there are no “cool” standards or life achievements that must be met to do so, and that’s what makes blogging so great. It’s an open community in which you can do whatever you please. Your site, your rules!

FOUR — There’s a secret untold strategy for growing and getting noticed.

It’s common for random people to reach out to bloggers following a brand collaboration or unboxing asking for your brand contact’s information, wanting to get in on the action themselves. It’s become really apparent to me that some think a quick conversation with a blogger they deem as successful will instantly give them the same result, but that’s not how it works. There isn’t a rulebook and there are no five easy steps to “making it” as a blogger. There isn’t an untold secret that bloggers keep to themselves — so if you’re looking for a quick boost to even yourself out with bloggers who’ve been in the game for years, it’s probably not going to happen.

FIVE — You have to shop all the time and spend a lot of money to be a blogger.

Although it seems like all bloggers drop tons of cash a month on an entire new wardrobe (some of which do actually do this), that’s not the case for many of us. Some hesitate starting a blog fearing their income can’t support it, but you don’t have to be spending money all the time to create fun and interesting content. You can share ideas and trends without spending a penny, such as going to one of your favorite stores and snapping images of clothing you’ve styled in the dressing room. I’d say a majority of us stick to a healthy budget and don’t shop nearly as much as it may seem. Though we talk about shopping, that doesn’t mean it’s what we value most.

SIX — It’s all about selling to people.

This is another common one: we’re in it to make sales. Though many of us make commission on items shared with followers/readers, that’s not what blogging is about and that’s not why we blog (well, at least not why I blog). Some are lucky enough to let their blog serve as a method of income as well, but that doesn’t mean the entire blog is now utilized solely for selling to people and making money. Doing what we love and would (and have) done for free while making a extra money on the side shouldn’t be looked down upon. Although if a blogger you follow only posts when they collaborate with brands via paid jobs, your suspicions may be true.


What are some misconceptions you believed before becoming familiar with the blogging industry? Have you related to any of these? Let’s chat in the comments! If you find this post interesting, check out my other blogging-related posts (including how to start a blog, Instagram content ideas for bloggers, embracing your brand + so much more) here. Have a great weekend!

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