Abby + Justin: Wedding Inspiration Board

Abby + Justin: Garden Wedding Inspiration Board

As I get into the small details of wedding planning with our big day less than two months away, I’m collecting images of styles and decor that I want to recreate. This post will serve as a guide for my fellow bohemian brides out there, a how-to for anyone interested in making their own inspiration board, as well as a reference point for me when purchasing decor and staging the scene for our wedding. I’ve been needing to write a post like this for a while to collect my thoughts and ideas, so I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into our wedding day!

boho minted wedding invitation

boho wedding color scheme

boho wedding flowers

boho bride inspiration
boho bridesmaids

boho wedding ceremony
boho wedding ceremony

boho wedding food tables

…and that’s our wedding inspo in a nutshell! I had so much putting this together and I won’t even admit how many hours it took. I highly suggest making an inspiration board like this for your wedding or any other big event you’re planning to help you narrow your ideas and see your entire vision as a whole. Pinterest boards can sometimes become too large and overwhelming for me, so I like to pull my favorite photos together in a condensed and more direct version like this. Use buzzwords like I did to express specific elements you want to incorporate and overall feelings you want to generate for your guests.

Catch up on my previous wedding posts here and have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂