Women Supporting Other Women

In the competitive world we live in, women are constantly pinned against each other, compared, and critiqued. This often causes women to view other female’s success as their own personal failure, as their own weakness, and as an emphasis on their own flaws.

This leads to the big question: Why don’t women support each other as much as men do? 

CM_EK3OUcAAG4cVMany women feel unable to support another
female’s success without diminishing their own – as if congratulating her and encouraging her pushes your
successes and accomplishments far into the background.

I often find that women are intimidated by other women that are dominant and successful. Confidence and stating your successes is often taken as arrogance, unfortunately.

It’s important for us females, as well as those that identify with the female gender, to remember that we’re all on the same team and there are no losers. Life is not a comptetion. Everyone is on their own path and some people have a longer journey than others. We should be able to state our successes and pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments – hard work should never have to be swept under the mat to avoid criticism. We need to shout not only our own successes, but other female’s successes from the rooftops.

You deserve it.

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