Social Media Brand Influencers as a PR Tool


PRL 493 - Communication Theories Project - ABBY SAYLORToday I’m sharing with you an assignment I recently did for one of my classes! We were asked to do a project focusing on a communications theory or model and relating it to PR — and I ended up creating the infographic you see here. Social media brand influencers can be a key PR asset for any company or brand looking to grow and gain a larger audience or customer base. This informative graphic document serves as a how-to manual highlighting the five key stages of development and management of a brand influencer program:

Identify, Develop, Engage, Monitor, & Evaluate.

I provide descriptions of each step, as well as statistics and additional information that would be beneficial to a company seeking to use social media brand influencers for their PR strategy. I thought that anyone interested in PR would enjoy scrolling though this and would maybe learn a thing or two about social media marketing. Read through this infographic to learn more about how the process works: Click here to view the PDF.