A Non-Healthy Girl’s Guide to Living a Healthier Lifestyle


This is for all the fast food, donut, and soda lovers out there – I’m right here with you. We all want to start being healthier, right? Eating well and being physically active not only improves your health, but also gives you more energy, clears up your skin, and strengthens your immune system. These are some simple steps you can take to start living a healthier lifestyle – this is a work-in-progress for me as well, so let’s work on it together! (I may or may not be eating some leftover birthday cake while I’m writing this…)

Get inspired.
Search for healthy snacks, workouts, and tips on Pinterest and YouTube to get inspired. Come up with ideas of things you would like to try and plan out when you want to do them, and this will get you excited about your lifestyle changes. Click here to see my Pinterest health board.

Make small changes.
Start implementing the ideas you’ve come across into your daily life. This could include squeezing a 30 minute workout into your busy schedule or swapping out your favorite fast food (guilty) during your lunch break for a healthy meal you packed from home. Focus on choosing healthy alternatives over your favorite snacks: Pita chips instead of Doritos, hummus instead of ranch, etc. Oh, and water is always the best choice. Eventually these changes will begin to come more naturally to you.

Stay motivated.
In order to make these lifestyle changes a habit, it’s crucial to stay motivated. Gather inspirational quotes and images and put them in places you often look, such as your desk or laptop and phone background. Follow fit Instagram accounts. This will encourage you to continue your interest in healthier living and will remind you to keep at it – no one likes to be a quitter!

Reward yourself.
Allowing yourself to buy a new workout outfit or that pair of Nike shoes you’ve been eying for months after keeping up with your routine for several weeks will encourage you to continue moving forward – and now you’ll look even cuter doing it so that’s a plus!

What are your favorite healthy snacks? Where do you like to buy your workout clothes? Leave me a comment and let me know!



  1. Dad
    September 8, 2015 / 11:47 pm

    Now the world will discover why I call you Awesome Abby! Love You

    • September 9, 2015 / 6:59 pm

      Love you too!