Renewal: A Glance at the New Year, 2016


This year has been absolutely incredible. I have grown in so many ways and I have filled into the elements of myself that I've always been, but had yet to fully act on. 2016, a year that always seemed to lie in the unimaginable future, holds so much for me: college graduation, moving into my first place with the love of my life, the start of wedding planning, and the list goes on. 2016 is my future. It's the next big chapter in my book, and naturally, I'm attaching an optimal mindset to it.

Below are my resolutions for 2016, a year of change and renewal.

Collect moments.

I want to be aware that I'm living in a moment at every second. You don't have to be somewhere exciting and doing something adrenaline-filled to have a moment of lifelong significance, or even momentary significance. I want to document these moments as often as I can, for they only happen once and then are gone just as quickly as they arrived. I want to attach value to the simple moments that often seem "meaningless" or insignificant at the time. Whether I'm eating lunch and having a simple conversation with someone I love or driving to work and hearing my favorite song play, I want to live in these moments and be present. I want to journal and take more photographs, for these are the things I will cherish the most. I want my memories to translate both visually and tangibly.

Love myself.

I've always been someone who wants more for myself, which isn't always a bad thing, but causes me to overlook my own victories and dock my own successes sometimes. I simply don't give myself enough credit. I often overlook my achievements and diligently search for the next goal and the next task I need to accomplish to be even more successful. I want to practice introspection and self-reflection and take the time to really love and appreciate myself and my great qualities, and attach more value to them than I do now.

Cleanse my body and my life.

Naturally, there have been changes in my life in the past year, and to honestly say that 2015 has been my favorite/best year yet means these changes were positive! I've always been someone who has zero tolerance for negativity in my life or negativity towards my life from others. I plan to continue to uphold those standards for myself, just as I always have. I'm a firm believer in the idea that your life is only as positive and happy as the people surrounding you, so I'm very observant of that in my everyday life. Continuing with cleansing, this year I want to be more actively aware of what I'm putting into my body. I only get one body and it's mine to keep, so I want to fill it with the best of everything by striving to eliminate the consumption of low quality foods.


I really want to play up my creativity this year. I've always been a creative person with ideas constantly running through my mind, and I really want to act on each of them this year. My number one creative outlet is my blog, with home decor/fashion/beauty taking a close second. My life becomes noteworthy and significant for me personally when I'm mixing up my routine, expanding my skills, and testing out my own ideas. A year where I focus on these elements is sure to be a good one!


Finally, I simply want to grow. I want to become more and more myself and be my best self everyday. This is a never-ending process, because as humans we change and develop everyday: mentally, emotionally, and physically — and that's ok. It's so important for each of us to remember that we are developing human beings, and you have every right to be the person you want to be, and it's never too late to change.


I absolutely can't wait to see what this year holds for me, my relationship, my career, and my future. I've never been so excited to live each and every day this year with a heightened level of positivity, creativity, reflection, and growth — and I can't wait to document my moments.

What are your New Year's resolutions?