Ocean Kayaking

Yesterday I went kayaking at MacArthur Beach State Park and had a blast! I’ve kayaked at this location before and it’s always fun. I figured I would do a quick post with pictures from our little adventure.

It was a really fun family day with my cousin Caitlin, my Aunt Nancy, my mom, and my fiancé Justin. My cousin Caitlin and I shared a double kayak, which I had never done before and really liked! It was fun to have someone to paddle with and together we had extra speed!

We kayaked to a little island where we stopped to explore and take pictures. We walked along a really long sandbar and ate the lunches we packed before heading back. We found this dead creature (pictured above) and we saw a lot of jumping fish. No stingrays or manatees this time!

It was a great day and the weather was perfect — plus we got a good arm workout paddling across the choppy water! 😉