My First Vlog

I’m excited to announce that my first vlog is officially live! I’ve mentioned wanting to start incorporating video into my blog for quite some time, so I finally bit the bullet and purchased a camera last weekend. Watch my first video and let me know what you think!

The camera I’m using is the Sony Alpha a5000, which I absolutely LOVE. I purchased it on sale at Target for $350, which was such a steal! The flip up screen, wide angle lens and auto-focus features are perfect for filming myself and it makes the whole process super easy. Unfortunately, throughout the video you’ll hear some clinking sounds thanks to the metal rings on the side of the camera that are meant to attach the strap to, so I apologize for that! I’ll fix it before my next video.

I’m planning on doing one video a week compiling all of my clips together. This will help you follow allong with what I’ve been up to, as well as get a behind-the-scenes look of blogging and my life in general! I’ll be including Justin in future videos as well once I can film with him and not be awkward (lol, but really).

I will not be doing dedicated posts like this for every video I film, so be sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I post new videos so you don’t miss anything! I also added a “My Latest Vlog” section to my blog’s sidebar (it’s toward the bottom of the page if you’re on a mobile device) so you can always find my most recent post there. If you have any video requests for me (blogging tips, makeup routine, hauls, etc.) let me know! I definitely want to make content that you guys want to see.

In today’s video, I’m talking about my new camera, giving you a tour of my Jeep, getting my nails done, sharing Justin and I’s teeth whitening experience + more! If you have a YouTube channel, please share your link with me so I can check it out. I hope you enjoy and look out for more videos from me soon!