How To Get Everything You Want In 2017

how to get everything you want in 2017

Hello 2017! A new year means self-improvement, and who doesn't love that "I can do ANYTHING" feeling you get at the beginning of each new year? For me, I plan to maintain that mindset throughout the whole year, and chase my dreams by accomplishing the top items on my 2017 goal list (read what those items are here). Today I'm sharing with you my top five steps for getting everything you want in 2017 and becoming the most successful you've ever been!


This is a big one, but it's a huge necessity for growing and getting want you want, especially if you've never achieved this particular goal before. I find that many of our biggest dreams are things we haven't quite strived for yet, so make a conscious effort to step out of your comfort zone, take a leap and chase after your desires. The answer is always going to be "no" or "never going to happen" if you don't try. Make small steps toward your goal by putting a toe or two outside your comfort zone each day, even if it's tiny.


Sometimes thinking solely "big picture" can be overwhelming. Of course you should always have an optimal end goal in mind, but don't let yourself forget about the necessary steps to get there. Map out short-term goals that can be achieved daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how big your long-term goal is. Work toward these goals each and every day by setting reminders for yourself (calendar alerts on your phone, highlighted notes in your planner, etc.) that you can't ignore. I did a post on goal-setting last year, so you can check that out here for more tips.


Piggy-backing off my previous tip, I strongly believe to-do lists are essential for success. Write down absolutely everything you want to achieve each day, no matter how insignificant and repetitive it may seem, and try your hardest to cross everything off the list before you go to bed. I like to make to-do lists of everything I want to do, whether it's changing the sheets, shaving or getting a couple blog posts done. This motivates me to accomplish everything in order to go to bed with that amazing sense of accomplishment that we all know and love!


This is a hugely important task that often gets swept under the rug. Expressing your goals and dreams vocally to the people around you and stating how you plan to achieve them holds you accountable to your peers. I'm sure none of us want to appear unsuccessful in the pursuit of what we really want, so sometimes healthy peer pressure gives you that push you need to stay hungry and keep working. Give your friends and family frequent updates on your progress in order to stay focused and maybe get some support from them along the way! (P.S. The dreamcatcher photo makes sense now, right? Maybe? ;))


This may seem like a stretch, but celebrating your small victories is one of the best motivators there is. Allow yourself to do something extra that you really enjoy after crossing off one of your short-term goals. This helps your mind remain in a healthy, productive headspace and gives you a natural, motivation/inspiration high! I like to reward myself by purchasing something goal-related (like a new planner, portfolio, something for my desk, etc.) or go out for a nice, celebratory treat.


How to you plan to achieve your goals this year? What strategies have worked for you in the past? Let's talk in my comment section below!




  1. January 4, 2017 / 12:02 pm

    Something I always forget to do is make short-term goals for my long-term! This always hurts me, haha. Thanks for the reminder! These are great tips!

    Jaycee |

    • January 4, 2017 / 2:04 pm

      Hi Jaycee! I always forget too, so it’s definitely something I have to remind myself to do. Short-term goals are always the most satisfying because the end result is SO much more obtainable. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂