Grad Girl: What to Wear for Commencement



Graduation is such an exciting and rewarding time — yet it always falls during the overwhelming, end-of-year craziness. Many of us are too stressed with finals and everything else going on to even think about the small details of commencement… So today I’m doing a quick post with some ideas of what to wear for graduation day, a few simple tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your outfit, + links to some of my favorite dresses!

Keep the gown in mind. Personally, as much as I love maxi dresses, I think shorter dresses look way better with graduation gowns. This prevents having any extra fabric hanging out the bottom, since gowns typically fall between your knees and ankles.

Some people like to coordinate their dress color with their gown color, however that wasn’t really a concern for me, even before I found out my gown was black. If you’re going to be taking photos with a significant other (fiance, husband, etc.), you may consider coordinating so you don’t completely clash — which is what Justin and I will be doing. I definitely don’t like being too matchy-matchy, but his shirt and tie will consist of simple colors that are in my dress.

Shoes: comfort and stability. I think the last memory we’d all want to leave our fellow classmates with is us falling on our faces as we walk across the stage. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. I think wedges or flat sandals are always a good choice for a spring commencement. There will be a lot of sitting and standing going on, so keep that in mind!

Consider the weather. Odds are it’s going to be hot, whether you’re outside taking photos or crammed inside a gym. I would definitely suggest wearing something sleeveless or short sleeved to keep yourself cool.

Secure the cap. Caps like to slip and slide at the worst times, so be sure to pin it down with bobby pins if you come across this issues. Spray the bobby pins with hairspray before putting them in your hair so they stay in place. If possible, purchase them in a color that matches your cap and hide them within your hair so they’re unnoticeable.

Below I’ve included some of my favorite graduation dress options. I purchased mine this weekend, which you’ll see when I do my personal graduation blog post in a few weeks! 🙂