#GirlBoss: Own Your Success


Unfortunately, we often live in an environment where it is generally unaccepted to talk about your successes and accomplishments. Others sometimes get offended and “rubbed the wrong way” when you give yourself a moment in the spotlight to discuss your recent milestones or your current projects.

Imagine a world where people can shout their successes from the rooftops and express how happy they are, and other people are equally happy for themWe should never have to downplay our accomplishments to avoid making others feel inferior. It’s so incredibly important to remember that only YOU can make yourself feel inferior — no one except you can control how you feel about yourself. Only you can create and maintain your self-worth.

There’s nothing I love more than hearing other people talk about what they’re passionate about, how far they’ve come, how happy they are, and how they’ve succeeded. There’s nothing better than seeing pure joy, serenity, and self-pride on someone’s face when they speak about themselves — especially in a society where we are constantly knocking ourselves down a notch. Expressing how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are today and showing how happy you truly are isn’t boasting or bragging — it’s honorable. You deserve to be proud of yourself and you deserve to express it. Hard work should never go unnoticed and reaching your goals should never be swept under the mat.

I find that, women especially, are sometimes quick to be judgmental of those they perceive to be “more successful” than themselves. They often perceive these women as “show-offs” or believe they view themselves as “better than everyone else.” This is typically the first, initial assumption, and it shouldn’t be. I personally am inspired by successful women. I want to hear about absolutely every goal they’ve accomplished and the steps they’ve taken to get to where they are today. I’m so intrigued by women that have pushed through the crowd and have made incredibly happy and successful lives for themselves. I wish everyone felt the same.

Your success is yours and no one can take that away from you. You’ll quickly find out who the good, supportive people are in your life based on how they react to your accomplishments. If you receive negative reactions, remember that it often comes from a place of envy — which unfortunately, is out of your control. Again, remember to never downplay your happiness or accomplishments. Use your success to inspire others and help people grow — radiate positivity, drive, motivation, and determination.

Take a look at the life you’ve worked so hard to build, own it, and be proud of it.

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