First Home Shopping Checklist: What I Have + What I Need


As you may guessed, my house-stuff shopping obsession has not died down! I’m constantly searching for new items, making notes of things I need, and getting inspired on Pinterest. Below I’ve compiled a list of house stuff I have as well as stuff I need — this serves as a list for those of you preparing to move into your first place as well! Pictured above are some things I’ve picked up so far, along with several other things not pictured (and plenty of stuff buried in that basket). I’ll continue to update this list as time passes.

If you are about to make your first big move, print this out and use it as a guide when shopping and researching potential items you want to get.


— 2 bedside tables (1 for me, 1 for Justin)
— Accent table for living room
— Kitchen/doorway rug
— Cream blanket for living room or bedroom
— 2 copper mugs
— Decorative elements: blue crystal bookend, 3 candles, 2 ceramic jars/containers, wooden “A” and tray
— Cute salt & pepper shakers (obviously a necessity)
— Wooden laundry basket
— Hangers
— Kitchen soap dispenser
— 4 white bath towels
— Bathroom soap dispenser and matching container (for toothbrushes, cotton balls, etc.)
— Bath mat
— Couch
— Ottoman
— Copper pots and pans
— Bedding
— Fluffy bedroom rug
— Dishware: plates, bowls, cups, silverware, etc.
— Desk
— Desk lamp
+ additional odds and ends 


— Kitchen supplies: blender, measuring cups, serving/mixing spoons, etc.
— Hand towels, washcloths, dish towels, etc.
— Bed, bed frame, mattress, headboard
— Living room rug
— Bedside lamps
— Living room lamp
— Dining table and/or bar stools
— Dresser
— Shower curtain, hooks
— TV stand

What’s on your checklist?