Current Favorites | February 2016


Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to do a post on what I’ve been loving recently, so here are some of my current favorites:
Healthy greens
Though I haven’t been eating the healthiest lately, I’ve been pinning delicious avocado recipes on Pinterest like crazy! I’m really interested in trying meal prepping this summer when Justin and I move into our first place. I’ve seen a few bloggers keeping food journals, so I think I might try that out to not only make sure I’m eating enough, but also to ensure getting the nutrients I need.

Weekend time
I’ve been especially loving my weekend time lately! My last semester of college is officially in full swing, so I’m so appreciative of my free weekends from work and school with my fiancé! Lately I’ve been enjoying spending my time catching up on blog posts for the week, cleaning, and watching The Office with Justin (I got him hooked on it and now we’re both addicted)!

Leather jackets
I don’t know about you guys, but I always get to a point every winter when I’ve over wearing my heavy parkas and I’m dying to break out my sleek leather jackets. We’ve had a few warmer days here recently when I’ve been able to wear my leather jacket with my favorite oversized blanket scarf and some slip on black leather sneakers, which is one of my favorite outfit combos!

To say I’m obsessed with braids right now would be an understatement. I’ve been rocking my hair in some sort of braided hairstyle almost everyday for weeks! My hair tends to get really stacticy in the winter, so I love pulling it into a cute braid to keep it off my neck. I plan on doing some posts soon on my favorite braided hairstyles I’ve been wearing!

Detox water
I’m really bad at drinking water, but putting fruit in it makes it so much easier (and tastier) for me! I love to drop in lemon slices to boost my digestion in the morning, as well as stawberries and sometimes cucumber and mint. It’s so yummy and healthy!

I’ve been gathering some wedding inspiration lately and I’m really interested in incorporating dreamcatchers into my decor! They fit perfectly into the boho theme I love and they give such a dainty, whimsical feel! I think I’m going to try to make my own this summer, which I’ll definitely do a blog post on!

What have you been loving lately?